Nameer - For Him & Her - 100 ML
Nameer - For Him & Her - 100 ML
Nameer - For Him & Her - 100 ML

Nameer - For Him & Her - 100 ML

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Nameer, an alluring fragrance from Junaid Perfumes. The opening notes of a fresh fruity scent followed by the muskiness of patchouli and gentleness of rose with the perfect touch of Amber. An aromatic perfume with heavenly scents that complement each other. 

Fragrance - Western Arabic
Gender - Unisex
Amount - 100 ML
Top - Fruity   

A fresh and energetic scent of fruity notes that represents a delicious sweet fragrance. 

Heart - Patchouli / Rose

The scents of patchouli is strong with a musky and earthy aroma, combined with a delicate rose scent. The blending of the notes creates a charming balance between a rich and a lighter scent.

Bottom - Amber / Powdery

Amber has a woody aroma that is rich and warm whilst the powdery note is sweet and soft, these two notes combine into a delicious and fragrant scent. 

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the story of Fragrance Arabia

Fragrance Arabia began their journey in 2019 by partnering with the 100 year established brand from Bahrain, Junaid Perfumes. Our aim now is to introduce this gold standard collection of Arab and oriental fragrances to this side of the Atlantic.

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