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Ateeq French Perfume 50 ML
Ateeq French Perfume for Men with box
Ateeq French perfume for Men - 50ML
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Ateeq French Perfume for Men - 100 ML & 50ML

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Ateeq French Perfume for Men, this oriental french western fragrance for men releases freshness in its mild notes of vanilla and rose that intensifies on amber and cedar. Venture back in time with a men's fragrance inspired by magical moments that are now stored as memories. It consists of warmed vanilla sweetened with rosy tones and refined with a touch of amber. The scent is rich and floral, reminiscent of Saharan sand dunes in the still of the night.

Ateeq French Perfume for Men is one of the finest creations of Syed Junaid Alam (Junaid Perfumes) from Bahrain, Middle East.

  • Identify a personality with Ateeq for men
  • Oriental Fragrance
  • Men's Fragrance
  • Top: Vanilla
  • Heart: Rose
  • Bottom: Amber, Cedar Wood
  • 100 ML

the story of Fragrance Arabia

Fragrance Arabia began their journey in 2019 by partnering with the 100 year established brand from Bahrain, Junaid Perfumes. Our aim now is to introduce this gold standard collection of Arab and oriental fragrances to this side of the Atlantic.