Sapphire -100ML & 50ML
Sapphire -100ML & 50ML
Sapphire -100ML & 50ML
Sapphire -100ML & 50ML

Sapphire -100ML & 50ML

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100ml and 50ml

Fruity scents have sweet and tart after smell, very pleasant to wear during summer.
Rose scent differs from person to person but is always reminiscence of a warm sweet scent. Musk is a heavy base note scent that is usually compared with woodsy and earthy smells. Amber has a warm, musky, rich and honey-like, and also somewhat earthy scent Oud is an aromatic complex scent. Warm sweetness mixed with woody and balsamic notes.. 

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the story of Fragrance Arabia

Fragrance Arabia began their journey in 2019 by partnering with the 100 year established brand from Bahrain, Junaid Perfumes. Our aim now is to introduce this gold standard collection of Arab and oriental fragrances to this side of the Atlantic.