Emerald - For him and her 95ml
Emerald - For him and her 95ml

Emerald - For him and her 95ml

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A timeless piece, inspired by fine jewlery, Emerald is the crown jewel of Junaid Perfumes latest creation. Innovators within the industry, Junaid perfumes have constantly adapted to the changing trends, wants and needs of their customers, giving a variety of scents, collections that lasts a lifetime, creating memories and timeless pieces within households and families. Though unique in its own right, Emerald still shines bright as a classic, elegant and luxurious fragrance, rerpresenting Junaid Perfumes in all its grandeur.

A spritz of Emerald by Junaid Perfume is what you need to start your morning with radiance. Emerald is the ideal daytime fragrance for both men and women, catering the needs of both by offering soft, delicate floral and pear tones, giving a fresh start of the day, with the strong, traditional scents of Musk and Oud, at the base, with a Amber at the heart of the fragrance, bringing it all together, and impacts anyone who passes by, leaving the fragrance lingering in the air, making an undeniable entrance wherever you go.

Ideal for all four seasons, Emerald compliments you all year long, for any occasion. Encased in the iconic emerald green bottle, Emerald embodies sophistication, charming you with its eye-catching luminous colour, making you reach for it without question. 


TOP: Floral / Pear

HEART: Amber

BOTTOM: Musk / Oud

the story of Fragrance Arabia

Fragrance Arabia began their journey in 2019 by partnering with the 100 year established brand from Bahrain, Junaid Perfumes. Our aim now is to introduce this gold standard collection of Arab and oriental fragrances to this side of the Atlantic.

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