Stunning - For Her - 100 ML
Stunning - For Her - 100 ML

Stunning - For Her - 100 ML

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A dazzling addition to the Junaid perfume line. Stunning lives up to its name, with its edgy citrus top notes attacking the senses before settling to the delicacy of soft rose and sweet fruits. This is all then brought together and fused harmoniously with earthy amber and musk.

  • Western
  • Women
  • 100 ML
  • Top: Citrus/Lychee
  • Heart: Rose/Peach
  • Bottom: Dry Amber/Musk

the story of Fragrance Arabia

Fragrance Arabia began their journey in 2019 by partnering with the 100 year established brand from Bahrain, Junaid Perfumes. Our aim now is to introduce this gold standard collection of Arab and oriental fragrances to this side of the Atlantic.